Stuff You Can Use: Help! I'm a Student Leader Ch. 7 Discussion Questions

Jen Bradbury
Nov 19 · 5 min read

Last summer, my student leaders & I read and discussed the book, Help! I'm a Student Leader by Doug Fields. Using the questions below, we had some incredibly powerful discussions about leadership and faith.

Questions about Ch. 7 of Help! I'm a Student Leader:

1. “Many youth group students live double lives.” (103) To you, what does this mean? How true do you think this is of kids in our youth ministry?
(a) (Everyone Answers ) How true is this for you?

2. “When you commit to be a follower of Christ and serve God as a student leader, many people will be watching how you live your life.” (105) Who's watching how you live your life?
(a) (Everyone answers) What's your life currently saying about God?

3. “Many student leaders fit into the category of people who are overachievers and out of balance in their lives.” (106) Do you agree or disagree with this? Why?
(a) (Everyone Answers) Do you think your life is out of balance? Why or why not? If so, in what ways is it out of balance?
(b) Is your life out of balance because you're “too busy” or “too self-absorbed”? (107) What's the difference?

4. “When you say yes to something, you're saying no to something else.” (106) What's this mean?
(a) (Everyone Answers) What do you need to say NO to in order to say yes to our youth ministry? 

5. “God created you intentionally with limitations.” (106) Describe your reaction to this.
(a) (Pairs) Share a limitation you have with your partner.
(b) How do your limitations help you “depend on others”? (106) Why is this interdependence a good thing?

6. “As a student leader, you need to take more initiative for your life and not rely on your parents to do everything for you.” (111) What's one practical way you can do this? How might that affect your relationship with your parents?

7.“Fun doesn't have to have an expensive price tag.” (111) Why's this important for us to remember as we plan various events throughout the year?

8. (Note cards) “Make sure you thank your parents regularly for their financial support.” (112) Take a note card. Write your parents a thank you note for the ways they support you inside and outside of our youth ministry – including financially. (Address & mail notes)

Download this discussion as a PDF.

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