Everyone Answers

Jen Bradbury
Nov 07 · 5 min read

My youth ministry discussion tanked on Sunday. Every question I asked fell flat. Despite my efforts to pry responses out of my students, they remained universally unengaged.

As a veteran youth worker, I know these days happen. Even so, they’re still frustrating – especially when you walk into a discussion excited about it, fully expecting students to be as excited as you are.

Immediately following this dismal discussion, I led my student leadership team meeting. In an effort to constantly improve the effectiveness of our youth ministry, every week I ask student leaders:

1) What did we, as a student leadership team, do well last week?
2) What do we, as a student leadership team, need to do differently this week?

As part of this evaluation process, one of my student leaders brought up the morning’s awful discussion. After collectively lamenting over it, I asked them, “What can we do to make our Sunday morning discussions better?”

That’s when one of my student leaders suggested we start utilizing an everyone answers question each week.

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