Book Review

Review: Real Love In An Angry World by Rick Bezet

The world, and in particular, the United States is becoming more divisive.

Few people I know would disagree with that statement right now.

Yet, few people I know – including, or perhaps, especially – Christians, know what to do about that...

Review: The Gift of Hard Things by Mark Yaconelli

The Yaconelli name is a familiar one to those in youth ministry. Mike Yaconelli was one of the founders of Youth Specialties and a legend in the youth ministry world. His son, Mark, is also a recognized figure in the youth ministry world.

One of...

Review: Alongside by Sarah Beckman

As a youth worker, one of my roles is to come alongside families during times of struggle and provide pastoral care. As part of this, others often ask me, “What can I do for Person X?”

During times of crises, people want to be helpful but they...