Review: Ready or Not by Drew Moser and Jess Fankhauser

Jen Bradbury
Aug 23 · 5 min read

For the last year and a half, I’ve had the privilege of participating in Fuller Youth Institute's Youth Ministry Innovation Cohort. Part of this has meant creating a project to do in my youth ministry involving an ancient practice: Vocation. This has meant taking a deep dive into vocation: What it is, what it means, and how it impacts us. For this reason, I was excited to read Ready or Not: Leaning Into Life In Our Twenties by Drew Moser and Jess Fankhauser.

Ready Or Not

In Ready or Not, Drew and Jess begin by exploring vocation, which they define as “the pursuit of a life lived faithfully with God that includes the many dimensions of the good life.” According to them, “Vocation…is a beautiful reminder of his work in the world through us, a connection of humans to God’s larger story and the hope to which we have been called.” Having read a ton about vocation in the last six months, I was pleasantly surprised when I encountered an innovative definition of vocation.

After defining vocation, Drew and Jess then explore several factors that influence our vocation, including our past and our present experiences as well as the various dimensions and rhythms of our lives. They then look at several aspects of life that vocation impacts including our work, family, church, and community. I appreciated their fresh take on even these familiar aspects of vocation.

Even though I’m no longer in my twenties, I loved Ready or Not. It has something to offer to anyone interested in learning more about vocation. As a Minister of Youth and Family, this is a book I could easily see using as a small group Bible study with high school or college students, especially since it’s chapter-ending activities and discussion questions are both exceptionally well-done. It’s also a book I’ll send to a few 20-somethings I know. I’m convinced it will help them understand that their “twenties aren’t just a holding room for real life in the future; they are real life.”

That’s something I long for high school students, young adults, and let’s face it – adults of any age - to know. Regardless of your age, your life is real life. And because it is, you can live out your vocation NOW.


Disclosure: I received a free copy of Ready or Not: Leaning Into Life In Our Twenties from the Tyndale Blog Network in exchange for a fair and honest review.