Recent Reads: Wonderstruck by Margaret Feinberg

Jen Bradbury
Sep 26 · 5 min read


What the book's about: Wonderstruck by Margaret Feinberg is about cultivating wonder in your life through creation, rest, prayer, friendships, forgiveness, and gratitude

Why I read this book: I have been a fan of Margaret Feinberg ever since reading The Organic God years ago. For that reason, Wonderstruck has been in my queue since it was published in 2012. When teens in my youth ministry suggested they'd like to talk about encountering God in creation during our summer Bible study, this book provided me with the perfect inspiration. 

My favorite quotes from the book: 

- "The Creator desires to captivate us not just with his handiwork but with himself." 

- "A prayer marked by faith is never about what happens in our terms or timelines, but God's. Faith-stained prayer brings us to a place of trust and hope.

- "I had been so focused on asking why a good God allowed bad things to happen that I was missing out on the nearness of God all along. In becoming preoccupied with the why, I was missing the who.

- "The temptation to live a guarded life allures everyone, but walls constructed for protection ultimately lead to isolation." 

- "Jesus' call isn't to independence but interdependence." 

Thumbs up or thumbs down? Thumbs up.

Who I'd recommend this book for: Wonderstruck is thought-provoking but accessible. More than a how-to book, it's a book of hope I'd recommend for anyone who wants to encounter God in the wonder of ordinary life.