Our Best Ministry Isn't Done By Us

Jen Bradbury
Oct 30 · 5 min read

I’ve been in youth ministry long enough to know that eventually, students in my ministry will face crises.

Knowing this, I’ve taken steps to equip adult leaders to minister to students in crises. That way, when crises happen, we’re prepared. Having seen the benefits of this, I recently began to wonder: Why shouldn’t I also equip student leaders for crises ministry?

Unable to come up with any compelling reasons not to prepare student leaders for crises ministry, this year, I’ve taken time to deliberately train them to respond to the various types of crises they and their friends are most likely to face.

To do this, each week during our student leadership team meeting, we cover content from Marv Penner’s Help! My Kids Are Hurting: A Survival Guide to Working with Students in Pain. To be clear, my student leaders aren’t reading this book. Instead, I’m taking the content and modifying it into a discussion format to use each week with them.

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