Jen is available to speak and train on the following topics

The Jesus Gap

Jesus is the cornerstone of our faith. But what do students actually believe about Jesus? Findings from a year-long
research study exploring what high school students in the ELCA believe about Jesus will be shared along with tips for
strengthening the Christologies of students in your ministry.

Open Grand Rapids 2014

The Jesus Gap: How our Teaching About Jesus Results in Impotent Faith 

The Summit 2015

Beyond Confirmation: Transitioning Teens from Confirmation into the Church

After Confirmation Sunday, many confirmands abandon their faith, or at least church. In this workshop, we examine the reasons behind this “confirmation as graduation” phenomenon as well as proven strategies to engage students with your congregation long after confirmation has ended.

How To Burn Out in 18 Months 

Youth workers have notoriously short life spans. In this workshop, we’ll explore common reasons why youth workers
burn out and practical strategies for overcoming them in order to become healthy youth workers who are in it for the long haul.

- Multi-cultural youth ministry

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