Why You Shouldn’t Write Curriculum

Jen Bradbury
Nov 03 · 5 min read

During college, I served in a fantastic youth ministry run by a great youth pastor who always wrote his own curriculum.

I adored this youth ministry and its curriculum. It was solid theologically, incredibly creative, and designed specifically to meet this specific group of teens where they were. In short, it was amazing.

When I entered youth ministry, I wanted to run an amazing youth ministry, too. So, naturally, I set out to write my own curriculum. I wanted to give my students a solid theological base; inspire them to grow deeper in their faith with my amazing creativity; and meet them exactly where they were at it.

I failed… on every level.


Because no one ever told me how hard it is to write curriculum. No one ever told me that as a 21-year old rookie youth pastor the last thing I should have been trying to do was write my own curriculum.

Maybe no one has ever told you that, either. So, let me be the first.

If you’re a rookie youth pastor (of any age), or new to your church, don’t write your own curriculum. Here’s why:

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