What's the catch?

Jen Bradbury
Aug 19 · 5 min read

Slip 1

On Saturday, my youth ministry gathered together to play the summer's hottest game: Slip 'N Slide Kickball.

One of my seniors, a student leader in my ministry, came up to me at the start of the event, eager to share with me her experience of inviting her younger brother – a freshman – to it.

According to her, in response to her constant invitations to join her for Slip 'N Slide kickball, her brother grew more and more skeptical, constantly asking, “What's the catch?”

At first, she couldn't even figure out what her brother meant. This is a teen who loves our youth ministry. The thought of there being some “catch” to attending an event was crazy to her.

Her brother saw it differently.

He was convinced that since this was a church event, there had to be something more to it than kickball. So he kept asking his big sis, “Are you sure there's no catch? We're not going to have a discussion at the end of it, right?”

Ironically, my student leaders and I had talked about doing just that but we'd elected not to so she confidently reassured him there would be no serious discussion following kickball. He then said, “I bet Jen's going to blast K-love the whole time, right?”

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