What I'm Into (March, 2016 Edition)

Jen Bradbury
Apr 06 · 5 min read

What I'm Reading:


I read a lot during the month of March, finishing six fiction books. 

Best mystery: She's Not There by Joy Fielding. I've been a fan of Joy Fielding for years. This was a well-written, engaging read about a kidnapping.  

Book that I've continued to think about:  Flight of the Sparrow: A Novel of Early America by Amy Belding Brown. This book - about a Puritan woman in Colonial America who's kidnapped by Indians - was a slower read for me than many others. Yet, I've continued to think about it's cultural and religious implications since then. 


I also read three non-fiction books during March: The Gift of Friendship, Night Driving (Full review coming soon), and Saying Is Believing: The Necessity of Testimony in Adolescent Spiritual Development.  

Kid's Books:

We continue to read LOTS with Hope. This month our favorite was That's Not My Kitten - a delightful touch and feel book. 

Things I Love: 

Samson Taunting Hope (March 2016)

Hope's growing friendship with Samson: Of course, right now, Hope loves Samson far more than Samson loves her. 

Grandma Nancy & Hope March 2016

Grandparents: We're so thankful for both sets of grandparents and the delight they take in watching Hope. 

Youth Sunday 2016 Group 1

Youth Sunday: This year, my holy moments from the day included listening to our congregation recite a statement of faith written by our high school teens and hearing one of our students play the intro to Amazing Grace on his trumpet. Both gave me chills! 

Hope In The Stroller March 2016

Strolling with Hope: It's been such a delight to take quick breaks during the day and go outside with Hope.  

Clear Cribs March 2016

Empty cribs: Don't be fooled. Hope's still not sleeping in it... But it is empty and ready to go, something that felt like a major accomplishment. 

Hope In The Backpack With Doug March 2016

Doug's new backpack: Hope LOVES riding in it... Which opens up endless opportunities for hiking for us. 

Hope Meeting Julie's Dog March 2016

New puppies: Hope got to meet our neighbor's new puppy. She wasn't quite sure what to think... Which I, of course, assume means she's already a cat person. 

Jen Holding The Real Jesus

Releasing The Real Jesus:  It's so scary to release a book into the world. Yet, I'm so excited about this devotional for teens based on the research published in The Jesus Gap. 

Jacksonville March 2016

Grandpa's 96th birthday: We headed to Jacksonville in order to celebrate Grandpa Elmer's 96th birthday! 

Brookfield Carasoul March 2016

Zoo Days... especially when the carousel's open! 

Hope 10 Months

Walking... with a little assistance from the walker but still - she's walking! 

Darby Easter Vigil 2016

The Easter Vigil. It remains my favorite service of the entire year, largely because of the way in which we tell the stories of our faith.

Easter Basket 2016

Easter baskets that contain a few of our favorite things: books, instruments, and tools. 

Dad's 75th

Celebrating Dad's 75th birthday

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