Stuff You Can Use: Empty Prayer Station

Jen Bradbury
Mar 16 · 5 min read

I am a big believer in the power of experiential learning. To this end, instead of giving a talk about prayer, I'd much rather create a series of prayer stations designed to give students the opportunity to pray in a variety of ways.

Over the next several weeks, I'll be posting some of my favorite prayer stations. Prayer stations can be used collectively during a prayer night or individually, as part of a larger lesson. For example: This particular prayer station was used as part of a prayer experience during a winter retreat focused on vulnerability in relationships with family and friends.

Empty Prayer Station

Prayer Station: Empty 

Themes: Friendships 

Scripture Reference: Ruth 1:21

Supplies: Balloons, sharpies 


Friendships aren't always easy to sustain. Sometimes, it feels as though the air has simply gone out of them – even ones that were once strong. 

Consider the words Naomi speaks in Ruth 1:21.

“I went away full but the Lord has brought me back empty.”

Think about your friendships. Choose one that is running on empty, that is just not as strong as it used to be. Write that person's name on a balloon. Then blow up the balloon. Do not tie it.

Slowly let the air out of the balloon. As the balloon deflates, pray specifically for the friend who's name you wrote on the balloon – regardless of what becomes of that friendship.

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