Review: Made to Move Mountains by Kristen Welch

Jen Bradbury
Aug 25 · 5 min read

I’m a fan of Kristen Welch – both her writing and her ministry. My husband gifted me with a subscription to Fair Trade Friday Earrings several years ago and I LOVE it. It’s one of my most favorite gifts EVER. Because of my familiarity with Kristen’s organization, Mercy House Global, & my respect for her work, I was excited to read her latest book, Made to Move Mountains: How God Uses Our Dreams & Disasters to Accomplish the Impossible.

Made To Move Mountains

The premise of Made to Move Mountains is that “we are all made to move mountains; God created us to do hard things. We don’t climb mountains because we’re capable; we climb mountains because in our obedience, God is with us on the climb.”

Reading Made to Move Mountains five months into the global COVID pandemic, its message felt timely and particularly relevant, especially as the mountains of a new school year loom ahead for my daughter and so many others. For that reason, Made to Move Mountains fell into the category of “right book, right time” for me. Kristen's biblical examples along with her very personal stories felt like just the right combination of challenge and encouragement.

That said, I’m not sure I would have felt this way about Made to Move Mountains at other times. Despite the fact that I try to remain open, I likely would have put Made to Move Mountains down when Kristen quoted John Piper. Kristen’s propensity to quote her previous books also felt a bit belabored. After several such quotes, I found myself skipping them, unsure of their overall value to this book.

Despite these shortcomings, I would recommend Made to Move Mountains to others. Regardless of whether or not this was just merely a “right book, right time”, it ministered more to me than many other books have lately, encouraging my heart and soul in deep, much-needed ways.


I was honored to receive a copy of Made to Move Mountains from Baker Books and chose to review the book. All opinions are my own.