Review: M.O.M. Master Organizer of Mayhem by Kristi Clover

Jen Bradbury
Dec 10 · 5 min read

As a working mom who’s got a job, a side hustle, a four-year old, and a five-month old, my life often feels as though it’s a bit out of control. For this reason, I was intrigued by the title of Kristi Clover’s book, M.O.M: Master Organizer of Mayhem.

Mom Master Organizer Of Mayhem

Overall, I enjoyed this book. One of the things I appreciated was its format – which made it easy to skim. This made it easy to read the sections that were important and helpful to me and skip others that weren’t.

I also really appreciated the practicality of M.O.M: Master Organizer of Mayhem. Kristi is in the trenches; She’s the mom of LOTS of kids and you can tell, every practice she offers is one she's personally done. She speaks from experience.

M.O.M: Master Organizer of Mayhem gave me several ideas I want to try in my own house. Thanks to Kristi’s wisdom, I want to try a daily family clean-up time and a popsicle stick chore chart for my four-year old – two practices that I wholeheartedly believe will help our family run more smoothly.

That said, in comparison to Jessica Turner’s Stretched Too Thin, I often felt as though as a working mom, I was not actually Kristi’s target audience. To me, M.O.M: Master Organizer of Mayhem feels much more like a book for stay-at-home moms. Even so – if you read it, I have no doubt you’ll take away many practical suggestions for organizing your family! 

I was honored to receive a copy of M.O.M: Master Organizer of Mayhem from Baker Books and chose to review the book. All opinions are my own.