Recent Reads: Speak by Nish Weiseth

Jen Bradbury
Sep 25 · 5 min read


What the book's about: Speak by Nish Weiseth is about embracing, telling, and using your story to change the world. 

Why I read this book: I'm a big fan of Deeper Story, the online storytelling community founded by Nish Weiseth. Additionally, I've followed Nish's blog for quite some time now. 

My favorite quotes from the book: 

- "We interact over issues best when there's a human connection." 

- "Story has the power to advocate." 

- "The kingdom of God is a subversive movement. It's in and among us, breaking through in small and big ways. Because God has always been here and been among the people, His kingdom has been here too. Where God presents Himself, His kingdom is sure to follow." 

- "God isn't just a character in our stories. He's the one who's shaping them, writing them chapter by chapter, line by line." 

- "If justice is more than just administering the rule of law, if we actually establish justice in the world by being generous to others and living in right relationships with those around us, then being vulnerable with our own stories has immense power in combating the evils of the world." 

- "Though you may be living what seems like an ordinary life, faithfully doing what God has placed in front of you to do means you are actually living an extraordinary story." 

Thumbs up or thumbs down? Thumbs up.

Who I'd recommend this book for: Speak is for anyone who wants to learn why their story matters. It's also a book that I could easily see using with my student leadership team to equip them to share their stories with others.