Recent Reads: A Pair of Miracles by Karla Akins

Jen Bradbury
Sep 08 · 5 min read

What the book's about: A Pair of Miracles: A Story of Autism, Faith, and Determined Parenting by Karla Akins chronicles Karla's journey of raising twin boys with autism. 

Pair Of Miracles

Why I read this book: As a youth pastor, I work with some teens who have autism. I'm constantly trying to learn more about how to effectively minister to this group of teens. 

My favorite quotes from the book:

- "Just because someone couldn't express themselves, it didn't mean they weren't intelligent." 

- "Conservatively, nearly 1.7 million people in the United States have a form of autism." 

- "It's not a matter of whether or not people with autism can learn. It's whether or not the adults in their lives can and will teach them." 

- "Some people confuse including children with special needs in regular classes with 'normalizing' them.... But the goal of including the twins in regular church activities wasn't to change them, or train them, but to simply provide them with the same worship opportunities as typical children." 

Who I'd recommend this book for: A Pair of Miracles is definitely written for parents of autistic children, which I was not expecting when I picked it up. Conservative Christians will find this book a helpful encouragement in raising autistic children. 


Disclosure: I received a free copy of A Pair of Miracles in exchange for a fair and honest review.