Prioritize what others need

Jen Bradbury
Jan 18 · 5 min read

I took most of the week off between Christmas and New Years, as did most of my colleagues. During that time, my family vacationed in San Antonio. We explored, rested, and had fun. We shut our laptops and distanced ourselves from our jobs.

When I returned to work after the New Year, I immediately asked myself, “Why did I just take a vacation? I have SO MUCH to do!”

Our winter retreat loomed before me, a mere 11 days away. I had a theme and a general sense of the Bible story that would serve as it’s basis, but not much more than that.

That morning, I created a to-do list – listing out every single thing I had to complete before the winter retreat began. The completed to-do list was multiple pages long. I had no idea how I would finish it in time.

So I took another pass through my list to prioritize the items on it.

As a creative person, I wanted to begin with the things requiring the most creative energy: Crafting the retreat content and creating experiential prayer stations.

The things I wanted to do last were the administrative tasks: Confirming we had all the necessary forms from everyone, writing checks, and assigning roommates.

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