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Most Posts Today I'm linking up with Amongst Lovely Things to share some of my favorite posts from 2013. 

Post with the most clicks: Why I Submit,  a post I wrote for Rachel Held Evan's one-to-another link-up. This was a fun post for me to write, as I enjoyed reflecting on gender roles in my marriage, faith, and life. 

Post with the most comments: Not surprisingly, this was also my most vulnerable and personal post of the year, The Heartbreak of Miscarriage. It took me awhile before I was ready to write this post, but when I did, the words flowed freely, bringing with them healing. As person after person entrusted me with their own stories of heartbreak, I was reminded of both the power and sacredness of our stories. 

FranklinPost wi th  th e best picture: Pictures are not a strength of my blog, though I love taking them. I hope to improve upon this in 2014. That said, this year I posted two posts that I think tied for the best picture. The first, Grief & Gratitude, featured one of my all time favorite pictures of my cat, Franklin. 

Dsc 0144 2The second, Yes, They Know It's Christmas, included one of my favorite pictures from my 2011 trip to Rwanda, taken at Lake Kivu. Though I think the picture itself is gorgeous, I also love this picture because it defies many of the stereotypes people have about Africa. 

Post that was hardest to write: Writing about my miscarriage in The Heartbreak of Miscarriage was, in many ways, easy. Writing about it four months later in The Heartbreak of Miscarriage: 4 months later was incredibly hard (though still remarkably cathartic). I think this was in part due to the intensity of the grief I still felt at that point in my journey (an intensity that surprised me) and in part due to the fact that I hoped (maybe even expected) to have gotten pregnant again by then. 

Post that was your personal favorite (not your readers' favorite- your favorite): Why a Crucifixion. I wrote this post immediately following my miscarriage, before I was ready to utter the word, miscarriage publicly on this blog. It reflects the depth of pain and despair I felt in that moment, juxtaposed with the hope of the resurrection that anchors my faith and life. 



I'm finding that the harder a post is to write, the more glad I am that I wrote it. Usually. :) thank you for linking up! It's my first time to your blog, so I'm glad you did.

Posted by Sarah, over 9 years ago


Sarah -

I totally agree the harder a post is to write, the more glad I am that I wrote it.

Thanks for hosting the link-up & for stopping by!


Posted by Jen, over 9 years ago

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