Mess with their food

Jen Bradbury
Apr 25 · 5 min read

As he dipped his fingers into a bowl of rice and beans, one of my students whined, "Why do you always have to mess with our food?"

At the time he made this comment, this student, along with the rest of our mission team, was busy participating in a team-building activity. During this activity, our team ate lunch from a common bowl without using silverware.

As you might have guessed from this student's comment, this wasn't the first time during our preparation process that I'd messed with our team's food. In fact, teens now know that if I tell them "Lunch will be served," something's up.

Once I ordered a single pizza to feed our team of 17.

Another time, I asked students to bring their lunch. Then when they walked into our youth room, I confiscated it. A while later, I redistributed their lunches so no one ate the lunch he or she brought.

Messing with people's food is more than a cruel joke.

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