Eliminate boredom: Make students teach

Jen Bradbury
Mar 10 · 5 min read

Ever feel as if your students are bored during your mission trip meetings? If so, perhaps that's because you're the one doing all the teaching, even though students learn by doing. For this reason, require students on your mission trip team to work together to prepare and give a presentation to your team.

Divide students into groups with others they don't yet know. Being with people they don't know well will give them an opportunity to form new friendships. It will also force them to work through and resolve any disagreements that result, thus preparing them to respond more appropriately to similar situations during the trip itself.

Once groups are established, assign or allow them to choose their topic. Relate all topics to your destination and include things such as:
• History;
• People (ethnic makeup, tribes, languages, etc.);
• Political systems;
• Educational systems;
• Culture;
• Geography/weather;
• Economy (including currency).

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