Budgets are (not) boring!

Jen Bradbury
Feb 01 · 5 min read

As the Church Council President adjourned our congregation’s annual meeting, the high school teens swarmed me.

“How can it just end like that?”

“We still have questions about the budget!”

They quickly rattled them off, rapid firing one after another.

Upon seeing their engagement with our budget, I asked, “Would it be helpful to keep talking about this next week?”

“Yes!” they replied emphatically.

With that, I grabbed Jim, the congregation’s treasurer and asked if he’d be willing to join us the following Sunday to answer questions about our church’s budget. “Of course!” he replied. “How cool is it that our high school kids want to keep talking about the budget?!?”

A week later, Jim showed up in the Youth Room, rice crispy treats in hand. “My wife says budgets are boring and I needed to bring food.”

As our high school teens gathered, I introduced Jim and Craig, another one of our congregation’s council members to them. We then dug into the budget. For the next 45 minutes, our teens asked Jim & Craig various questions about the church’s budget:

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