30 Hour Famine Profile – Stephanie Warner

Jen Bradbury
Feb 02 · 5 min read

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A junior at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, Stephanie Warner is majoring in biology and global health. While in high school, Stephanie was active in her church’s youth ministry and a part of it’s student leadership team. She’s a 30 Hour Famine veteran, having participated in the Famine every year during high school.

30HF: When did you first participate in the Famine?

Stephanie: My freshman year of high school in February 2010.

30HF: What made you decide to participate in the Famine?

Stephanie: I remember hearing about the Famine when I was younger and being excited to participate in it when I was in high school.

30HF: You did the Famine four times. Why did you keep participating in it year after year?

Stephanie: I kept doing the Famine because it was fun and I got to hang out with my friends during it. I also liked the challenge of fundraising for it. Knowing that every dollar would help feed one child for one day made it easier to ask friends and neighbors for donations because every little bit helped.

30HF: What was your most memorable Famine experience?

Stephanie: Breaking the fast through communion. After we had worshipped together and shared our Famine experiences with members of our congregation, we had communion. It was a tangible reminder of God’s provision for us both physically, through the bread, and spiritually, through Jesus’s body.

30HF: What did you learn from the Famine about fasting? 

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