20 Tips for Making Rummage Sales Successful

Jen Bradbury
Apr 11 · 5 min read

Whenever I mention my youth ministry's rummage sale to people, they usually ask in disbelief, "You're really doing that again?"

To be sure, rummage sales are a ton of work; but as a youth worker, I love how they encourage people to purge in a culture that encourages consumption. Even though successful sales still require help from adults, rummage sales are also do-able for high school youth who can help sort, organize and price items in preparation for the sale and welcome, guide and help people on sale day.

Rummage sales are also great because they allow you to raise money from people outside your church community. At the same time, they provide a much-needed resource for people. Low prices enable those who otherwise cannot afford goods to shop with dignity and purchase items for their families. By donating unsold items to charities who can then sell them in their resale shops, rummage sales also benefit others long after they end.

With that in mind, here are 20 tips for making your rummage sale a success.

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