Book Review

Review: Packing Light by Allison Vesterfelt

Packing Light

As someone who both loves to travel and to write, I was excited to read Allison Vesterfelt's Packing Light: Thoughts on living life with less baggage.

Despite taking me a while to get into, I ended up thoroughly enjoying this book. In it,...

Review: A Woman in Youth Ministry by Gina Abbas

A Woman In Youth Ministry

As a woman in youth ministry, I face some unique challenges.

I wish that wasn't true, but it is.

Most of the time, these unique challenges no longer bother me. I'm confident in my call. I wholeheartedly believe that I'm fully using each and...

Review: Let's All Be Brave by Annie Downs

I am not brave.

There have been times (usually when there's a sheer cliff on one side of me) when my husband and I have been backpacking when I've literally been paralyzed by fear, unable to take a step forward.

I'm also extremely risk averse.


Review: Overrated by Eugene Cho


Eugene Cho is a pastor and founder of One Day's Wages, an organization that he sacrificed a year of his own salary for in order to begin. To say the least, he's an intriguing character in today's evangelical landscape.

The fact that he believes...

Spiritual Misfit Review & Giveaway

For many years, my husband and I led a small group we affectionately called the Palatine misfits. The group earned it's name because of where we met and who we were. Our group could not easily be categorized as singles, couples, or families....

Review: Disunity in Christ by Christena Cleveland

I spent five years working at a multi-ethnic, multi-site congregation.

There was much I loved about this church and my role there. During my time there, I discovered who I was as a youth worker. More importantly, though, serving in a context...

Review: Help, Thanks, Wow by Anne Lamott

I do not generally enjoy books on prayer.

Oh believe me, I've read my fair share – for small groups, class, and work.

But there tends to be something about these books that rub me the wrong way. Perhaps that's why even though I received Anne...

Review: Jesus Feminist by Sarah Bessey

Jesus Fem Quote4

Like many of her fans, I fell in love with Sarah Bessey via her blog. Her writing is stunning; Her posts simultaneously heartfelt and provocative, oftentimes leaving me in both tears and deep thought.

Since I love her writing, I was thrilled to...