Discussion Questions based Bishop Eaton's Opening Remarks

For those looking to process tonight's opening session in Ford Field at the ELCA Youth Gathering, here are some discussion questions you can use with your youth ministries. 

1. Bishop Eaton said, “The places the world calls godforsaken are exactly the places God is at work.” What are some of the places the world calls godforsaken?

To you, what does it mean for something to be godforsaken?

Think about the history that Bishop Kreiss gave tonight. Based on this and anything else you know about Detroit, do you think Detroit is godforsaken? Why?

What scripture passages support the idea that God is at work in the places the world calls godforsaken?

Do you think it's easier to see and experience God in the places the world calls godforsaken or in those that are well-off? Why?

How are you anticipating seeing God at work in Detroit this week?

2. Bishop Eaton asked us, “Can we have open eyes and open hearts to see God at work?” What does it mean to have open eyes and open hearts?

Why are open eyes and open hearts required to see God at work?

Aside from open eyes and open hearts, what else is necessary to see God at work?

3. Bishop Eaton said, “This is going to be a great gathering.” Based on what you've seen today, what parts of the gathering are you most excited about? Why?

4. The theme of the gathering is “Rise up together.” What do you think this means – for you? Our youth group? Our congregation? The ELCA? The city of Detroit?

Download a PDF of these questions here. 

Jen Bradbury on Youth Ministry

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